How do I enable chat (or direct messaging)?

OpenLearning's chat function allows you to contact your classmates and facilitators privately as opposed to leaving a comment which can be read by anyone in the class.

  • Click on the name you see in the course to be taken to their profile page. You will then see the Send a message button on the right side.


In the lower right corner, you should see the chatbox. Click on a name to send a message.


Check the lower right corner. If you see this:


simply click on the grey bar to turn the chat online.

If you don't see the grey bar, your chat may be disabled. 

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and choose Account Settings.


Scroll down to Chat.

If chat is disabled, click on Change chat settings.

Choose I want chat enabled.

Don't forget to click Save.


This can happen if:

  • the person you are trying to contact has disabled their chat


  • if your chat is disabled on your end



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