How do I add a course banner?

The course banner is the image displayed at the top of your course. The banner should clearly state the course title - either via the default text or in the written course title on your banner image.

An example course banner:

The recommended size for a course banner is 2340 x 340 px. We suggest you design your course banner on the free graphic design platform Canva.

Supported fiile types: JPEG, PNG, GIF (Please note that GIFs will be converted to JPEGs and will not be animated upon upload.)

Go to Course SetupAppearance.


Click Change Banner.

Upload your banner.

If your banner has the course name included in the image, untick Show course name on banner.

If you would like to show the name on the banner, it displays approx 62 characters via the banner. If your course name is longer, we recommend using Canva and not displaying the course name via Appearance.

 You can also enable this option to link part of the course banner to your institution landing page.

In most cases, you'll just need to add a course banner to your course. However, In some cases where you have multiple classes running, you might like to have class-specific banners.

That means that, in classes where you have set up a class banner, learners in this class will see only this banner, not the course banner.

How to add a class banner

  • Go to Administer LearnersGeneralClass Banner.
  • Upload your class banner.

The recommended size for the class banner is 2340 x 340 px.



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