How do I change the appearance of my course?

You can customise the following design elements of a course if you are an administrator for that course:

  1. The course banner. It is the banner at the top of every page in the course.
  2. The background colour and image for the course
  3. The container box for the course content
  4. The theme colour, which is used for all of the headings, links and navigation in the course
  5. The course thumbnail.


All of these settings can be changed under Course setup > Appearance.


How to update the Course thumbnail

Click on Select an image and select an image you have on your device.

Recommended size: 600*400 px.

 This thumbnail will appear on your landing page and Marketplace listing (if your course is listed)


How to change the course banner 

Click on Select an image to upload the banner.

Recommended site: 2340*340 px.

  • The name of the course can be displayed on top of the banner by checking the box Show course name on banner. (If your banner image displays the course name, we recommend unchecking this box.)

  • The right half of the course banner can be linked to the institution landing page.


How to change the course background colour, background image and course theme

To change these colours, simply click on these options:

  • If you are combining a background image with a background colour then try to ensure that the colours do not clash too much. 
  • Background images should be fairly large however please try to keep the file size of the image as small as possible as it will need to be loaded on every page of the course. 
  • It is currently not possible to change the colour of the text on the menu.




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