Whilst adding a text block ALL the blocks below were deleted, they were rendered as empty text blocks, ie no text. The entire plan for the course was deleted. Have to start again.

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  • Hi Martin! Can you please link me to the course you're referring to and also provide some screenshots of the problem? I'll do my best to help you out!

  • Hi Omnaya


    I think it's going to take a minor miracle. The page is

    When I added the share text widget (and associated gallery) the six text blocks below were moved down to make space. When I scrolled down, I saw to my dismay ALL the text blocks had been replaced with empty text boxes. It happens from time to time! Usually, when that happens I click on the text block, the text reappears. Not this time!


    And, here's where I made the mistake. I reloaded the page! The text blocks were still empty. Tired and angry (and not thinking too clearly) I compounded the mistake by deleting the 'empty' text blocks.


    If those blocks are still stored in the database and have not physically been deleted, then you *might* be able to work a miracle and restore them.

    Otherwise, don't lose too much sleep over it. I do remember most of what I wrote.


    It was mainly the awful timing of the accidental deletion. I had finally written the texts on my last day of work and was ready (really ready) for a holiday. Now I'm slightly refreshed, still feeling foolish, and ready to redo the previous work.

    Thanks for reading this far!


  • OK, It happened again and I took a screenshot. 

    When editing the upper text block the two blocks below 'went blank'

    When I click on Setup, the text reappears. Usually.

  • And now, when I add a Post Text Widget, there is an error rendering the text block


    I am going to wait with further use of OpenLearning until this is sorted

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      Hi Martin - I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having. We have released an update today to fix this. 

      We are currently running an automated process to repair affected pages which will finish later today (or early tomorrow) as well.

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