Major Platform Issues

Hello Support Team,

We have been having major tech issues over the past month or so. At first, it was an issue with the default commnents section.  When I created the course, all students had the ability to make comments, then they didn't. I only made one course default to no comments. The others were not. Suddenly, all courses were defaulted to no commenting. These are all separate courses.

We then noticed that students who completed their assignments started having assignments missing. One student had completed 92% of the work and uploaded her portfolio on Friday 4/26. Now, she is not showing in her cuorse and appears to be totally removed. We did not do this on our end. In fact, I have not been on the course platform in a few weeks--today I was in the platform as students complained they are not seeing their work.

I also noticed that my facilitator has a different view than I do. She is showing an older version of the course when she signs in.  We are not seeing the same information and we are not directed to the same OpenLink platform for our courses.

Here is the link and view for me: https://www.openlearning.com/courses/coach-training-for-staff/homepage?moduleSet

Here is the link and view for my Facilitator:  https://www.openlearning.com/courses/rrlccoachstaff/homepage?moduleSet

Here is one of the student links: 

Self Study: https://www.openlearning.com/progress/?course=courses/coaching-for-beginners-self-study&student=shanaymckiver

Additionally, I know students were on over the past 5 days, but if you go into Administer Students module, it shows 14+ days not online. So this is inaccurate.

Finally, my facilitator was originally an admin and a facilitator in all courses except the one she is a student in. I had to "re-add" her for the 3rd time. We do not know why she is automatically removed or changed in the course.

I have uploaded screenshots.

We have cleared our cache. We have signed into the course in-cognito, and we have used different browsers. The problem presists.  It is very frustrating to keep adding, editing and correcting on our side just to have everything removed without notification or justification.

This is causing a major issue for my students who have worked very hard. Also, all the work in updating my course is not not showing. Please help us with this matter as I have students prepared to graduate but they cannot if the work is not showing.


Thank you for your prompt support in this matter. We appreciate it greatly.


Dr. Dawn Reid

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  • Hi Dawn, we've replied to your query via e-mail! Thanks!

  • I am going over the responses. I am replying via email. The matter is not resolved as of yet because we do not know why this is happening / keeps happening and what to do to resolve it and not experience it again. There is an issue .🙁

    • Reid Ready Training Hi Dawn, we have yet to receive the emails from the affected students so we can sort the issue as soon as possible.

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