How to use Share settings to control post visibility for Post widgets

Post widgets allow learners to post their work to the platform. By default, when a learner makes a post, it is visible to other learners in a class. 

It is possible to change this default visibility. For example, if you want posts to be private or only want learners to be able to see each other's posts after a certain time, you can control this via Share settings.

If you are unsure about what post widgets are or how to use them, learn more about them here:


The share settings on widgets allow you to control who and when posts can be seen.

  • Make sure you are in page edit mode. 
  • Go to Share settings on any of the Post widgets.

There are many different set-up options. The next section shows you how to change the settings to suit the kind of activity dynamics you want to create.


  • Open

A learner can see the responses of other learners as soon as they arrive on the page. This is the default setting for all post widgets.


  • Completion based

A learner can only see the responses of other learners after they have first attempted the activity by themselves.

In the share settings, you can select what parts of the page must be completed before posts become visible. 


In this example, posts from other class members are only visible once the learner has made a post to both the post file and post text widgets on the page.

  • Time-based

A learner can only see the responses of other learners after a certain time.



Note: if you'd like to set up a due date for a post to be created, please refer to How do I set up due times/dates for pages. 

  • Visible to teachers only

A private post that only the author and teachers can see. In this case, a learner cannot see the responses of other learners at all.


  • Let the learner choose

In this set-up, you let the learner choose whether they want the post to be private or whether they are happy to share it with the rest of the class.



Post visibility on learner portfolios

By default, posts that are made to a class are also added to a learner's portfolio.


If you uncheck this option, posts made from this widget will not be added to the portfolio automatically. Widgets set up as private will also not automatically add posts to the portfolio. 

Note that learners also have some control over which posts will be visible on their portfolio. They can change similar share settings on their own posts when curating their portfolio. Learn more about portfolios.


If you wish to change the default settings for an entire course rather than just a single activity, see this article.



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