How do I issue an achievement?

 Note: OpenLearning badges are now called Achievements.

OpenLearning has a range of features for creating and issuing achievements to learners. Achievements (previously called Badges) can be created by a course administrator and then issued automatically, or manually by the course staff.

Haven't set up a badge yet?


Achievements can be set up to be issued in a number of way in Course Setup > Achievements.

Once you've set up your achievements and selected how it should be issued, find out what happens next below:

Go to Administer Learners > Learners and click Issue Achievement.

Select the achievement you would like to issue and fill out the rest of the information, ie:

  • Recipient of the achievement
  • Reason for receiving the achievement
  • Evidence (optional link to a page that displays the learner's work)


Click Issue when you're done.

If you've set up a badge to be issued based on kudos, you don't need to do anything to issue it.

If a learner accrues the set amount of kudos, the badge will be automatically issued to them.

(What is kudos? When a learner posts a comment and another learner likes it, the learner who posted the comment gets a kudos "point" for contributing meaningfully in the community).


When a learner completes the course they will automatically receive the badge.

A course is considered completed when all of the activities have been released and the learner has completed all of them (i.e., their progress is 100% after all activities have been marked completed).

If you've set up the badge by following the steps here, you don't need to do anything to issue this type of badge. When the learner completes the relevant page, they will be automatically issued the badge.



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