How do I issue an OpenLearning PDF certificate?

There are two options for issuing certificates on OpenLearning:

Automatically: Certificates will be issued to learners automatically upon reaching 100% completion in the course.

Manually: Certificates can be issued to any learner at any time by the course administrators.

To begin setting up either type of certificate go to:

Credentials > Setup

To issue a certificate automatically, tick Yes under the section titled Automatically issue credential on completion of the course.

You may opt to customise the certification award message. 

 When you have a paid certificate set up, learners will be able to pay at any time by clicking the Get Certified tab in the navigation panel, but they will only receive it upon the completion of the course.

To issue a certificate manually, tick No underneath the section titled Automatically issue credential on completion of the course.

You may opt to customise the certification pending message and award message.


How do I issue a certificate manually?

  • Go to Credentials > Issue Certificates.
  • Tick Issue Credentials next to the chosen learner.


 When you have a paid certificate set up and the learner has paid for the certificate, you could issue the certificate manually to the learner even though the learner hasn't achieved 100% completion of the course. The below shows what the Issue Credentials menu looks like for the paid certificate.


How can I refresh the certificate's appearance for a particular learner?

If you need to update your certificate's visual design or make any corrections to the certificate, you will need to refresh the learner’s certificate that was previously issued.

  • Navigate to Credentials > Issue Credentials.
  • Search for the learner you want to refresh credentials for, locate the Refresh Credential button, click it, and confirm your changes.


This feature is handy for scenarios like updating the certificate's design to match your course's brand. Once you confirm, the learner will receive an automatic notification to download their updated certificate.



How do I set up a certificate for my course?



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