How do I create badges for my course?

OpenLearning has a range of features for creating and issuing badges to students.

Badges are a great way to highlight that a student is contributing meaningfully to the course community.

Go to Course Setup > Community.

Type in the Name for your badge and the Description.

Decide if you'd like to award the badge manually, based on kudos or on course completion.

You can also issue a badge based on page completion, which we'll explain later in this article.

  • Manually: A facilitator in the course will be able to select the students who should receive the badge via Administer Students > Students.
  • Based on kudos: You can enter a minimum kudos that a student must earn before receiving the badge. The badge will be issued automatically once the student achieves the specified number of kudos.
  • Upon course completion: When a student completes the course they will automatically receive the badge. A course is considered completed when all of the activities have been released and the student has completed all of them (i.e., their progress is 100% after all activities have been marked completed).
  • Automatically based on page completion: You can set up a badge upon completion of a particular page. Read about it later in this article.

Click Click to select a badge image.

You can decide whether to design your badge in our badge editor, or if you'd like to upload one yourself.

Click Select.

Click Create Badge.

Go to Course Setup > Community.

To edit: Click on the badge > the arrow icon > Edit.

 Note: You can only edit the title and description of a badge once created.


To delete: Click on the badge > the arrow icon > Delete.


Go to Course Setup > Community and set up your badge.

Select Award this badge only manually.

Go to the course page for which you want to award the students the completion badge.

Click on Settings at the top right of the page.

Under Completion, select the name of the badge from the drop-down list.


Pro tip: If a course creator needs a badge to be awarded at any other level, i.e., module or course, add a badge to the last page in the module or course.

Learn more about how to issue badges here: How do I issue a badge?

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  • Is it possible to allow access to pages according to badges?

    • Misha Zujev Hi there! Unfortunately, we don't have any feature like that. However, you can set the course to only allow access to the next module when 100% of the previous module is completed. 

      To do this:

      • Go to Administer Students > Timeline
      • Change the course from "Open Mooc" to "Self Paced"

      I hope that helps!

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