What are the different roles within a course?

There are 5 roles available within a course on OpenLearning. They are:

  • Course Admin
  • Facilitator
  • Assessment Designer
  • Assessor or
  • Student

Except for students, you can assign a user to multiple roles at the same time. As a course creator (i.e. the person who created the course URL), you are automatically assigned to all roles except Student.

Course Admin

A Course Admin has the highest level of permissions available within a course. They can add, edit and remove content, create activities, manage course settings, along with add, edit or remove other users' roles within the course.


Course Admins can access the following navigation tab tools:

  • Course Setup
  • Administer Students
  • Assessment
  • Certification



A Facilitator can access the Administer Students tab and has the ability to enrol students, check student progress and engagement, set up and remove pre-enrolment questions and manage the course's timeline.


Facilitators can access the following navigation tab tools:

  • Administer Students


Assessment Designer

An Assessment Designer can access the Assessment tab and has the ability to create assessment reports and customise the alignment of activities to learning outcomes. 


Assessment Designers can access the following navigation tab tools:

  • Assessment




An Assessor can access the Assess Students section of the Assessment tab, and has the ability to review and evaluate student work via reports created by assessment designers. 


Assessors can access the following navigation tab tools:

  • Assessment > Assess Students



Students don't have access to any of the Course Setup, Administer Students, Assessment or Certification tabs.

By checking and unchecking particular boxes, you can give each staff member any combination of these permissions.

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