Why do the images in my course appear broken?

Images can appear broken to some or all members of a course, when the images have been copied+pasted from the text widget of another course. 

When images are uploaded into a course through the text or file widget, they take on a URL that includes that course's name and follow course enrolment permissions. Only learners who are enrolled in that course have the right permissions to see the image.  


When images in a text widget in course A are copy+pasted into course B: 

  • You will be able to see the image in course B as you have the correct permissions in both courses 
  • A learner who is enrolled in course A and course B will be able to see the image as they have the correct permissions in both courses
  • A learner who is only enrolled in course B will see the images as broken 

A learner enrolled in both courses would see this:


A learner enrolled only in course B would see this:


How to correctly copy images from one course to another

Step 1

In Course A, right-click on the image you want to save.

Step 2

From the dropdown menu, choose Save As.

Step 3

Name the file as you'd like and choose where to save it on your device.

Step 4

Go to the course you'd like to place the image in (Course B).

Step 5

In the appropriate widget (in this example: the text widget), click on Setup.


Step 6

Click on the photo icon to insert an image.


Step 7

Click Select A File and choose your previously saved image.


Step 8

Edit display size and other options to your liking.

Step 9

Click OK



If you're copying an entire page using the following method, the images will function properly without any re-uploading necessary.

How do I copy a page in a course?



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