LTI: Signing into OpenLearning via Blackboard

The LTI integration with Blackboard enables students to sign into OpenLearning using their existing Blackboard credentials. You'll need to set things up in both Blackboard and OpenLearning to enable the integration.

You can set up the integration either within each individual OpenLearning course, or at the institution level.

Step 1

Go to your OpenLearning portal's Institution Settings > Integrations

Step 2

Type in your OpenLearning password and click Request Credentials

Step 3

You will get a Launch URL, Key and Secret. Keep these handy because you'll need them shortly (don't refresh this page)

Step 4

First you need to set up OpenLearning as an LTI provider within Blackboard. If you have done this already, you can skip to Step 5.


Go into your admin settings in Blackboard and set up OpenLearning as an LTI provider (you can follow the steps here).

During this set up, you can use the following settings:

  • The Provider Domain:
  • Don't exclude
  • No secondary hostnames
  • For “Tool providers can offer configuration for the entire site” - select Yes for the whole site
  • Add the Key and Secret you received in Step 3
  • Enable Evaluation: No

Step 5

To add an LTI link to your course in Blackboard, click on Build Content, then select Web Link

Step 6

For the URL, put in the Launch URL you received in Step 3. Enable Evaluation: No

When performing a first-time LTI Basic Launch from an LTI Consumer as an Instructor or Administrator role, you will be prompted to choose or create an OpenLearning class.

The “context_id” LTI parameter refers to the current LTI Consumer’s course delivery context for a given launch link. Upon following the launch link and choosing an OpenLearning class, this class will be mapped to the “context_id” for that launch link. This means that on subsequent LTI launches via this launch link with the same “context_id”, users will be directed to (and enrolled in) the corresponding chosen OpenLearning class. The mappings between OpenLearning classes and LTI context_ids can be viewed and modified in the “Single Sign On Mapping” section under Integrations.

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