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Hello everyone, I am Nath. Could you tell me why some courses are unavailable

Thank you very much for your answer. Nath (Belgium).

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  • Hi Nath, can you share with us the links of these courses that you are trying to access? 

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  • Hello Professor,  Thank you for your answer.

    These courses are unavailable  ; *Beginners English

                                 *Herbals science

                                 *Italian course beginners  A1

                                *Caregivers skills 801 / Used 4 Wheeles walker safety

                               *Basic medical microbiology

                               * Occlusion in dentistry

                               *Foundation biology

                              * Kingdom of plants

                              *dental public health

                              *dental implantology

                              *13 tropical infectious diseases

                               *Fundamentals of English grammar

                                *Basic in  chemistry

                                *The amazing world of microbes

                                *cellular and molecular biology  

                                *microbiology and molecular biology

                                 *Biology : the fundamental


    Thank you very very much for your help. I am enrolled in these courses. 

                         Well respectfully, Nath.

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    • nath Hi Nath! It would be best to contact the course staff directly to ask why their course is offline, and when (if at all) it would be available again. To contact them, you could send a message from their profile page. To reach to that page, you can click on their name.

      Hope this helps!

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      • nath
      • nath
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      Alenka Prezelj Hi Alenka, Thank you for your help. Well respectfully. Nath.

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