Hello, I am currently doing my best to get through this Ubiquity airMax M Hands-On Training course...

I am so frustrated right now and have been for weeks

I cannot speak with an actual instructor that can help me

The course outline and notes are impartial

All the information and direction is relied on Google searches

I was told by this ROB CLARK guy to "investigate" with no direction, but then later told by him (ROB CLARK) to try use google

The instructor has not been helpful at all

I have all the emails I sent to him to prove his lack of help

I have completed hundreds of courses and have never had such problems

If I cant find the information then how can I complete the course

Everything is scattered and unprofessional


I really want this course and have had nothing but a BAD experience with Open Learning so far

I would have used a different SCHOOL altogether if there was another online course available

This seems like a real RIP OFF


I need some answers from someone

I did not pay for this course to be made out to be some sort of idiot or fool.

Absolute worst course I have ever come across

Please tell me that there is a solution

Please tell me what I can do to find another instructor that can actually help me with what I need to pass this course


Thank you



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  • Hi Joshua!
    I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with the course. I have reached out to the course facilitator and asked him to reach out to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

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