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Hello, I’m trying to find my comment on the comment section but there are too many comments and I’ve posted the comment months ago. Is there any easier way to do this without having to scroll all the comments one by one? Thank you.

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  • Hi Mira, unfortunately, we don't have a Find a comment feature. A little trick that would help a little would be to open the page, then hit CTRL+F to open a Find box, then type in your name. This should find your comment, but if there are several pages of comments, you might need to click "Show more"to open them all first, and then do a search.

    Hope this helps!

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    thank you very much

    • Abdurahman Mohamed Ahmed 

    • Abdurahman Mohamed Ahmed Hi there, we have replied to your query on another thread, rest assured we will get in touch with you once this has been resolved.

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