How do I enrol a learner into a private course via their email address?

For private courses, you can enrol learners into your course via their email address.

You can also do this for public courses, but you need the users' email address (for more on how to get your public course to learners, we recommend reading the article: How do I share my public course with learners?).

Step 1

In your course, go to Administer Learners > Learners. Click on the button that says Enrol Learners.


Step 2

Type the email of the learner you wish to enrol into the box.

You MUST tick the box next to Send Email to Learner if the learner does not already have an OpenLearning account. Otherwise, they will not be notified.


What happens next?

If the learner already has an OpenLearning account:

You will see this notice explaining that the learner has been automatically enrolled in your course. 


However, unless you ticked the Send email to learner box, the learner will not be notified that they are enrolled. You would have to contact them manually to let them know.


If you did tick the box, the learner will have received an email with a link to the course and instructions on how to proceed.


If the learner does not yet have an account on OpenLearning:

The notification you receive after enrolling them will simply state that the learner was invited into the course.


The learner will receive an email notifying them that they were invited to the course. This email will instruct them to create an OpenLearning account and provide details on how to complete their enrolment in your course.

Note: This invitation will come from you: e.g. "You have been invited to join the course by Omnaya Omar/[your name]"


When a person has been invited (and they don't yet have an account), they will show as Invited in Administer Learners > Learners until they create their account.

Once they have created an account, they will appear on the learner list.


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