How to use the App Marketplace?

The App Marketplace is a new feature that seamlessly extends the functionality of our OpenLearning platform by accessing a selection of specialised applications designed to empower you to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

A marketplace where you can choose how you would like to extend the functionality of the OL platform by using apps we’ve built or external apps and services that you currently have access to.

1. Go to Institutions > click on the cog icon > Institution settings. 


 2. Then, go to Settings > App marketplace. 

Institution administrators. 

A free app usually means that there is no cost for our clients to use it. Currently, we only have free apps.

A paid app will mean that there will be some type of cost associated with using this app on our platform. 

You can click on the “Suggest an App“ button, which will take you to a board where you can suggest an app and upvote apps.



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