How do I post a video using the Video widget?

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Widgets are the tools with which course administrators create and build the pages of their course.

The Video widget can be used to share videos from your computer or via URL.

In order to access the Video widget:

  1. Go to the page in your course where you'd like to add a video.
  2. Select Edit mode.
  3. In the lefthand widget menu, click on the Video widget icon (or you can hold and drag it wherever you'd like on the page) .

OpenLearning's Video widget supports YouTube and Vimeo.

Supported video file format: mp4, mov, avi, and wmv

Maximum video upload size: 5GB


After adding a Video widget to your page, you can set it up by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Setup tab at the top of the Video widget.
  2. Add a heading for your video.
  3. Choose your video Source. You can choose from URL or File Upload.
  4. Choose the URL option if you'd like to share a video from YouTube or another site. Choose File Upload if you'd like to share a video file from your computer.


If you choose URL, copy the link to the video you'd like to share and then paste it in the text box. 

If you click on Add a fallback video URL, it will create a new line allowing you to add a secondary video link in case the learner(s) cannot access the first URL for any reason.


File Upload

If you chose File Upload, click within the gray box that says Upload a video and then choose a file from your computer. 

Once the video has finished uploading, click Done.

This is it for the basics of setting up the Video widget! If you'd like a more in-depth look at the other options this widget offers, feel free to read on.

If you're having an issue uploading your video file, please check out the following help article:

How to convert your video to the right format for faster upload? 

At the bottom of the Setup section, there are a few options available to you regarding video playback. You can choose and edit multiple options for one video.

Play Automatically

Tick the Play Automatically option if you'd like your video to begin playing as soon as a learner lands on the page and without them clicking on the play button.

Loop Playback

Tick the Loop Playback option if you'd like your video to start over again immediately once it reaches the end as opposed to stopping automatically.

Adjust the start and end points

In this section, you can drag the two points at the start and end of the blue line in order to adjust where your video playback begins and ends.

For example, if I were to drag the point on the left to the 2-minute mark, the video would begin playing from 2 minutes in.

  Pro tip:  We highly recommend setting the completion to around 95% into the video. This is to make sure progress still tracks even if a learner watches up until the last few seconds of the video and doesn't realize that stopping there will affect tracking.

Custom Thumbnail

This section allows you to upload a new thumbnail image for your video. The thumbnail is the image displayed before the user clicks play.

To upload a new thumbnail, simply click within the gray box that reads drop file here and choose an image from your computer.


Completing activities on a page is how learners make progress and receive their certificates or complete the course.

As the administrator, you can modify how each widget tracks this progress.

To do this, click on the Completion Settings tab on the widget and choose one of the following options:


 No completion tracking: This widget will not count towards completion.

 Completed when visited: This widget will count as completed as soon as the learner scrolls through this section of the page.

 Completed when started playing: This widget will count as completed as soon as the learner clicks the play to begin watching the video.

 Completed when played to: This widget will count as completed once the learner has watched up to the point of the video you have set in this section.

To set this up, choose "completed when played to" and then drag the dot on the right of the blue line to the point of the video you'd like set as the completion point.

Don't forget to click Done to save your work!

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