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I can't complete module 1 - introduction in code club in the classroom.  I can enter in my name, school, etc and answer the second part (where I need to answer 3 questions) but when I try to hit "next" nothing happens and my answers are not recorded.

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  • Hi Stephanie, I assure you the answers were recorded, I can see them. However, there must be something else that hasn't been done on this page. Could you check that you:

    - played the video all the way through (til the last second)

    - check off both items on the check list at the bottom of the page

    Please let me know how this goes. Thanks!

  • Hi Alenka,


    Thanks for your reply.  I have played the video 3 times all the way thought and both items on the check list are ticked and it says "all done".  Yet, when I move to module 2 it still says I have not completed module 1.  =(

  • Hi Alenka,

    I figured it out.  Internet explorer configured the page incorrectly and I didn't have the "next" button after the 3 reflective questions.

    I have since completed the first module via Google Chrome and had no problems.

    • Stephanie Sun Fantastic! That is excellent troubleshooting from your end! 🙂🙂🙂👏

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