How do I set a time limit on my course content?

Step 1

Go to Administer learners > timeline


Step 2

Click on Open MOOC to toggle options


Step 3

Choose the type of pacing you want your course to have:

Open MOOC: All modules are always available (recommended)

Self-paced: Allow learners to go at their own pace - each module becomes available when the previous module is completed. 

Scheduled: Allows you to set a specific start and end date for each module


Step 4

If you choose Scheduled, next you'll have to enter a start date for your course. If you want learners to be able to go ahead when each module is finished, tick the box next to "Allow learners to continue ahead at their own pace - each module becomes available when the previous module is completed."

If you would rather learners stay within the schedule, untick it.


Step 5

Once you've set a date, the timeline should appear at the bottom of the page. Drag each module around and place them on your preferred start dates.


(If you just wanted to set start dates, you can stop here, as due dates are not actually required in a scheduled course)

Step 6

Scroll down to the section titled "Page Due Dates and Access Times"


Step 7

Begin to type the name of the page you'd like to set a due date on. When it comes up, select it


Step 8

Click in the box under "due date" and select the date you'd like from the calendar


Step 9

Once you've selected the date, click on the little clock symbol at the bottom of the calendar in order to choose the time


The due date will now display beneath the page.


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