Sorting completion summary of widgets data


When we export the complete summary of widgets data, how actually the data is sorted by default? 

Is it possible to sort it by the week or by the due date of the widget?


Then, what the Widget number on the page meaning?


Thank you.

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  • Hi UTeM MOOC Good day. We apologize for the delayed response.

    If you selected to export for All pages, the data will be sorted in this sequence:

    • by Page
    • then by Quiz widgets which takes precedence over the other widgets (that is if there are quiz widgets on the page),
    • if there are no quiz widgets, the data will be sorted by which the widgets appear in each page.

    I hope this helps. let me know if you need further assistance. Thank you.

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      Hi Ronald Silvosa , thank you for the response.


      This example where I export All Pages dataset and open it.

      Apparently, the dataset was sort 1st by the % Learners Completed. How can I get a dataset sorted as you mention?

      Then, if you could explain how to read this dataset arrangement/sorting sequence?



    • UTeM MOOC Hi there, thanks for getting back. I was under the impression that there was any data under the % column.

      With data available in the % column, the entire data will be sorted out by the % Learners Completed.

      Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Yes, we do have data, therefore as you mention, dataset by default is sorted by % Learner Completed, in which not as what we expect for our usage. 


    Come back to our question, Is it possible to sort it by the week or by the due date of the widget? 


    Then, when we look back on the process to export the dataset for each page, how the option in From which page? was arranged?  As you can see here, example, we have Level 3, then the list jumps to Level 12, and jump back to Level 7 page. 



    Is it possible to sort it by the week or by the due date of the widget? Or provide Page ID/Number for manual sorting purpose?


    Unconviniancly now, we manually have to export each page dataset, sort it by Widget number on the page and give a Page Number before combining it into a new dataset.

    As "From which page?" list option looks like randomly sorted, our next hassle is we will need to rearrange the Page Number in the new dataset manually and cross-check with each course admin.  



    Hope you get the idea on what we try to achieve.

    Appreciate your prompt solutions.

    Thank you.

    • UTeM MOOC Hi UteUTeM, can you please share the link to the course you're working on. It might be easier for us to help you if we can refer and check in the specific course.

      Thank you!

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    • PS. I have done some testing in my test course, and I think I was able to find a workaround that might work for you. To sort the pages in the export in a particular order, you could rename them by adding numbers in front of the name / page title, for example:

      1- Quiz 2

      2- Video Chapter 1

      3- Video Chapter 4

      4 - Quiz 4



      After you have exported the Completion summary for widgets, you sort the data by Page name.

      I have tested this in my test course here:


      Though not ideal, I hope this workaround helps!

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      Hi Alenka Prezelj , thank you for your feedback and workaround solution,

      Example course are







      In this example, we already set Level/Lesson numbering but looks like we will need to rename the content in each Level/Lesson as well to make it work as your suggestion. 

      Will consider to try rename all the content, but any other solution is appreciated.

      Thank you.

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    • UTeM MOOC I'm glad the workaround is useful for you. I think this is the only possible solution for now, but you are more than welcome to post this on our Suggest a feature board where the Product will see and review your suggestion.

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