OpenLearning AI Assistant - AI Course Builder

Our AI Course builder is a set of tools designed to assist course creators in generating the entire course from scratch in a short amount of time.

The AI Course Builder also seamlessly integrates with all of OpenLearning's existing AI Assistant-powered features, including the Activity Builder and Content Generator, simplifying content creation on OpenLearning.

Any course administrator can use the AI Course Builder.

Importantly, you do not need prior experience in instructional design to utilize this tool effectively.

The AI features on the platform are free to use. However, if you encounter any errors when generating the content, please reach out to our Customer Success team via email at support@openlearning.com for assistance.

The AI Course Builder empowers you to design your course using a top-down approach, offering suggestions for Course Objectives, Learning Outcomes, Course Structure (module plans), and Module Content (page plans).


Navigate to Course Setup > Course Builder > Objective tab.

Click on Suggest a course objective and optionally enter any information about your course in the AI assistant overlay window. Click on the Generate course objective button.

The Course Generator will generate up to 300 words (2-3 paragraphs of text) on your Course Objective.

Review the suggested Course Objective. You can choose to Keep, Refine, or Discard the suggested objective.

Note: You can also Give feedback about what was generated.

Click on Save your course objective when you're done.

Navigate to Course Setup > Course Builder > Outcomes tab and click on Suggest learning outcomes.

Choose one of the suggested learning outcome types.

Fill in the prompts (optional) and click Generate learning outcomes.

The Course Generator will generate your Learning Outcomes.

Review the suggested Learning Outcomes, choose which one you'd like to use and click on Keep. You can also choose to Refine or Discard them.

If you like, you can also make tweaks to the outcomes manually or delete them. You can also manually add an outcome by clicking Add learning outcome. 

Note: To display alignment tags so that other educators can see the alignment of outcomes, content, and assessment throughout your course navigate to Course Setup > Advanced > Alignment.


You can use the Course Builder to create a course structure with modules and pages.

Navigate to Course Setup > Course Builder > Course Structure tab and click on Suggest more modules.

Choose one of the course structure options.

Fill in the prompts and click Generate module.

The Course Generator will now generate your Course structure.

Review the suggested Course Structure. Select the modules you want to keep and add them to your course. You can choose to Discard, Refine, or Keep the suggestions at the bottom of the page.

You can also create additional Course Modules manually.



Once you have the Course structure you are happy with, you can use the Course Builder to generate the Module Content.

Note: The AI Course Builder currently works with courses with a single module set. You can also use it to create courses with multiple module sets, but you'll have to create content for each set separately.


Navigate to Course Setup > Course Builder > Module content tab and choose the module that you'd like to create content for. Then click on Suggest pages.

Review and/or edit the module plan manually. Then, click on Generate module content.

Choose a framework to populate the content.

The Course builder will generate pages.

Review the pages, select the ones you want to keep.


What's next?

From here on, you can either View page and create page content manually or with the help of the Course Builder.


Navigate to Course Setup > Course Builder > Module content tab

Find the page you want to generate content for and click on Generate page content button.

Review and/or edit the page plan, when you are ready click on Generate page content.

The page content will be generated. When done, you'll be able to review and then Keep, Discard or Refine.


Note: If you like, you can also make changes manually by going into Edit mode and edit the widgets.

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