Minimum system requirements for maximising your OpenLearning experience

To maximise your OpenLearning experience, we recommend that you adhere to the following system requirements:


Operating systems

Recommended: Windows 10, MacOS Mojave and above, iOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.1 and above

Internet speed: At minimum a broadband connection (256 Kbit/sec or faster—this buffering will allow you to view videos and online presentations), USB wireless modem, ADSL, T1/T2, fibre optic or cable.


Internet browsers

Recommended: Chrome is the preferred browser to be used with OpenLearning, however, you can still access the platform on:

  •  32bit version of Chrome v80 and above; 

  •  Firefox Mozilla v54 and above; 
  •  Microsoft Edge 86 and above; 
  •  Safari v13 and above

MS Internet Explorer is not recommended. Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11(IE 11) and have removed support for Teams in IE since November 2020.


Browser settings 

Images not refreshing?

This may be caused by a cache issue. You can force refresh your browser cache if you run into any loading errors. This can be done for Chrome using SHIFT + COMMAND/WINDOWS KEY + R or CTRL + F5 for Firefox. We recommend that you do this around once every six months or so.

Plugins, add-ons

Buttons not responsive?

This may be caused by conflicting commands. We recommend you disable all ad blockers, as some browser plugins may interfere with the proper functioning of our website. In particular, our widgets and group activities. Feel free to turn them back on after for your own safety.

Resource viewing

OpenLearning works seamlessly to provide you access to all of your course materials within the platform. If requested, you may be asked to install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


With all firewalls, ensure that you enable uploading of files.

Mobile devices

OpenLearning currently works on mobile via our mobile browser.

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    • Robert_McIntosh
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    Open Learning no longer works with IE 11.

    I am unable to log in with IE. I can log in with Chrome, but if I cut and paste the email address and password I use for Chrome into IE 11, I get "Error: Invalid login or password".

    I can no longer can get to courses with IE 11. The URL for a course, eg. https://www.openlearning.com/courses/hhs-privacy/homepage , gets turned into a redirect, and IE just displays a blank page.

    Trying to navigate to courses via https://www.openlearning.com/ doesn't work. The video on the splash screen displays OK, but the "Learn" button just goes to the footer. The "Courses" link in the footer just refreshes the footer. I cannot navigate to my course.

    For the highlighted courses on the splash screen, the "Find Out More" button for "Understanding Human Cognition in Designing Interfaces" just displays a blank page. Strangely, the "Find Out More" button for "Writing with IMPACT" does go to the Join Now screen. Roughly half the highlighted courses consistently go to the Join Now page and half result in a blank page!

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