How do I edit an institution invitation email sent to learners?

When you invite a learner to your institution portal, they receive an invitation email and it is customisable!

Step 1

Go to your Institution settings. 

Step 2 

Go to Settings > Appearance. 

Step 3

Go to Email design to edit the banner image, header text, and footer text. 

Step 4

Review the Email layout preview. 


 Note that the email links are not customisable because the learner needs them to create or set up their account. This also varies depending on whether or not the learner already has an account. 

When adding learners to the institution and/or courses within, the email they receive will differ based on different factors.

 If the learner doesn't have an OL account and you're creating one for them

If the learner doesn't have an OL account and you're letting them create one / they happen to have an OL account with a different email


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