The OpenLearning top bar icons

The OpenLearning top bar is an important piece of the platform as it allows users to quickly navigate to courses and institutions, check their notifications, go into account settings, and more. It is also important for learners to know that they are studying via the OpenLearning platform in case they need technical assistance from the OpenLearning Customer Success Team.

The top bar is a user interface element that contains links to other sections of the platform. It is displayed on most pages within the OpenLearning platform for users who had logged in. 

A top bar is displayed as a horizontal list of links at the top of each page. On the left side, there is the OpenLearning header/logo, Institutions (visible to Institution administrators only) and Courses. On the right side, there is the Bell icon (Course notifications), the User icon and the Platform language icon.

The "Institutions" link opens drop-down which displays the institution portals the user is a member of.

Clicking on the link leads to the institution portal landing page. (1)

Clicking on the cog icon leads to the institution settings. (2)


The "Courses" link opens a drop-down menu that includes:

  • Recent courses: the list of the last 6 courses the user has visited.
  • All courses: the list of all courses the user is a member of.
  • Create a course link: Click here to create a course (only for course creators)
  • Manage my courses: Click here to leave a class or a course.
  • View course marketplace: Click here to find a new course

The bell icon lists the most recent/unread notifications which include the latest comments to course pages, course announcements, credentials being issued etc.

The cog leads to the user's Notification settings.

By clicking on the three dots icon you can mute the notifications for that class.

The User drop-down button allows users to access the following pages:




  • Manage subscriptions (if applicable)
  • Account settings
  • Chat History
  • Log out

Here you can choose the language of the platform. (under development)



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