How to create a course from inside the institution portal

 The following article is relevant for Institution administrators only. If your role is a Course creator, you can create courses here.

Step 1

Go to Institutions (on the top bar)> the cog icon on the drop-down >Courses > Add New Course.


Step 2

Type in your course name. The course URL will be automatically filled out. If you get a red X, it means this URL is already taken and you need to choose a different one.

  Course URLs can't be changed once created, however, course names can be updated within the course settings.

Tip: If you want to have a different URL to the course name (e.g. you want to have the URL as the course code instead of the course title) - write the desired URL into the course URL field after typing in the course name.

Select the course category (if applicable).

Step 3

Click on Add course.

Your course will now be displayed under View courses tab.

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