What counts towards my learner usage?

This article is relevant to course providers who are subscribed to an OpenLearning plan. 

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Learner usage reflects the number of learners who have enrolled in at least one class in a course under your subscription plan, within the last annual usage period.


Class: A class is a cohort of learners who complete a course together. You can have multiple classes within a course, running at the same time or at different times. If you are unfamiliar with classes, you can learn more about them in this article.


Learner usage is based on unique learners across all classes in all courses under your subscription plan. Even if a user is in multiple courses and classes, they will only be counted once within the usage period. 


Your usage limit is specified by your subscription plan. 

  • For all plans, your usage cannot exceed your learner limit. 
  • When your usage limit is at 80%, we will notify you via email.
  • Once your usage limit is at 100% no new enrollments will be allowed until you upgrade your plan or wait until it resets on the next usage period. 


If the learner is removed and re-enrols in a class within the same usage period, they will only be counted once. 

If the learner is removed and re-enrols in a class when your usage period has reset, they will be counted in the new usage period. 


In most cases, the standard usage period is 12 months, starting from the day the subscription began (when trial period starts). During this period, each unique learner who is enrolled in a class under your subscription plan contributes to your usage for that period.

If you receive a free trial when you subscribe to OpenLearning then the learner usage during the free trial period will be added to your first standard usage period. 

For example, if your 30-day free trial begins on 1st January 2021, after your free trial ends your standard usage period (12 months) will begin on 1st Feb. Any learner usage that occured between 1st January 2021 and 31st January 2021 will be included in the period from 1st February 2021 to 31st January 2022. 


When a new usage period starts your learner usage resets back to 0. 

For example, your subscription starts on 1st March 2020 and you have a learner usage limit of 500 learners. Between 1st March 2020 and 28th February 2021, you’ve enrolled 500 learners across all the classes in your courses. In March 2021, your learner usage will reset to 0 and you will be able to enrol 500 learners in classes during the next 12 months. 


You can  check your learner usage by going to the Manage subscriptions > Usage tab. There are a few different charts and graphs that can give you better insight and visibility over your account usage. 

Learner usage for the current period: 

This bar chart shows how many learners you have used up for your current usage period. 

Educator seat:

This chart shows how many educator seats are currently taken under your subscription.

Portal limit:
This chart shows how many portals have been used up under your subscription.

The number of new learner enrolments:

This graph shows how many new learners have enrolled in at least one class in the selected billing period.

Learner usage details:

You can export a list of learners that have enrolled in at least one class in the selected billing period. The CSV file will be emailed to you.

Active learners by institution

The chart shows the number of courses, active classes and active learners for each institution portal you have under your subscription.


If you are an institution administrator (but not a subscription owner or subscription administrator) you can review and export learner usage in Institution settings > Institution usage.

The exported file (.csv) containing the list of all learners contributing to your learner usage within a selected billing period will be sent to your email.



You can increase your learner usage limit by changing to a higher-tier plan. Subscription owners can simply go to Manage subscriptions or by clicking on your profile icon dropdown and click the ‘Change plan’ button. 


When you upgrade to a higher tier plan you will increase your learner usage by the difference between the current usage limit and the plan you have chosen to upgrade to. 

For example, you have hit your current usage limit of 500 learners and you have chosen to upgrade to the 750 learners plan, then 250 new learners can enrol into your course for this usage period.

Please refer to How do I check how many available educator seats I have? 

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