Guide: Institution roles and enrolment management

 Guide: Institution roles and enrolment management

1. What is an institution on OL?

2. Understanding different roles

3. How do I add my team members?

4.  How do I add learners?

5. How do learners get notified that they've been added to the institution and/or enrolled in a course?

1. What is an institution on OL?

An institution portal is a page where you can showcase all of your organisation's courses in one spot, complete with your own branding elements.

You can:

  • customise the look and feel of your portal
  • decide which courses should be displayed
  • create qualifications and course pathways
  • use a custom domain name (optional, may require extra cost)
  • manage the courses of your organisation
  • manage your team and learners
  • access and export learner data
  • set up customised certificates/badges
  • utilise LTI  and API integrations


An institution portal can be set to either public or private. If set to public, anyone can view the institution landing page. If private, only learners added to the institution can access the institution landing page and any courses within, regardless of the course being private or not.

Here's an example of a demo institution portal:


This demo portal has been set up with a qualification as well as a series of short courses. There are further customisations that can be used in a portal which are discussed in another guide. ()


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