How do I add learners?


Guide: Institution roles and enrolment management

1. What is an institution on OL?

2. Understanding different roles

3. How do I add my team members?

4. How do I add learners?

5. How do learners get notified that they've been added to the institution and/or enrolled in a course?

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Adding learners to an institution makes managing them easier. If your portal is private, adding your learners is the only way they will be able to access institution courses.

There are two ways of adding learners to an institution:

  • Add learners one by one.
  • Add multiple learners in bulk (via CSV).

Go to Institution settings > People > Manage learners.

- Go to the Add learners tab.

- Enter each learner’s email address in the Add learners by email box.

Separate email addresses with a comma if you are adding more than one learner.

You will be presented with a table, where you can enter details such as the learner’s group, institution id, and full name. 

Optional: You can also create accounts for the learners by checking the "Automatically create accounts and email them their password".


-       Download the CSV template to your computer.

- Fill in the CSV with learner information

Be sure to save this file before closing and uploading it.

Don’t forget to click Add learners when the upload is done.


There are two ways of knowing if you’ve successfully added learners:

- An alert will let you know you’ve added X number of learners every time you save.

- You can check under Recently added learners.

 - Check learners under the View learners tab and search by name


Go to the View learners tab.

- Check all the learners you want to enrol. 

- Go to Bulk actions and choose Enrol in courses.


 - Select the course(s).

- Finally, select the class and click Assign to courses.


You can, in two easy steps.

Follow the steps described in How do I add learners?

Click on Recently added learners.

Choose the batch of learners you want to assign to courses, for example:


This will open the list of learners you've just added to the institution. Now, click on Bulk actions, then choose the course and the class:


Yes! Simply follow the steps described in How do I add learners? and make sure you check the "Automatically create accounts and email team members their password" box and click on Add learners.


- Select the learner from the table under the View learners tab

- Click on Bulk actions.

-Select Remove from courses and choose the course(s) you want to unenroll the learner from.


- Go to Settings > Institution settings > People > Manage learners > View learners.

- Select the learner from the table.

- Click on Bulk actions.

- Choose Remove from institution.

You will be asked to confirm if you want to remove the learner.


Remove a learner from the institution and all courses to make sure they are completely removed.

Please note, you won’t have the power to delete or deactivate another user’s account.

Only the account owner can deactivate their own account. (How do I deactivate or reactivate my account?)

It is possible to add one or more learners to a course without adding them to the institution. The following institution members have the power to do this:

  • Course administrators
  • Course facilitators
  • Assessment designers
  • Assessors



- You won’t be able to create accounts for learners not registered on OpenLearning if adding learners at the course level. Instead, their invitation email will direct them to open an account.

- Private portals require everyone accessing institution courses to be a member of that institution. You can invite them at the course level, however, they will only be able to access the course if they had previously been added to the institution.

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