Customising notifications for course-related social activities

Notifications are used to let users know when activity has taken place in their OpenLearning communities. As a user, you will be able to customise how you want to receive notifications when a social activity related to you has occurred in your courses. 

By default, all users, regardless of their role, will receive OpenLearning platform notifications and daily digest for:

  • Comments on their posts and pages
  • Replies to their comments
  • Mentions of them in comments
  • Likes to their posts or comments
  • Activities on things (post, comments) they've subscribed to

All users will also receive OpenLearning platform notifications and immediate email notifications for 

  • New chat messages

Step 1

Click on the bell (🔔) icon in the top bar and go to Manage Notifications to access your notification settings. 


Step 2

Review the types of the course social activities that can send a notification when new activity occurs. Select how you want to receive notifications for each activity based on the notification types available.  Learn more about notification types

Currently, you will automatically be subscribed to new activities for items that you've liked in your courses, such as comments and posts. For example, when someone else has commented on a post that you've liked, you will receive notifications for the new comment.

To opt-out of receiving updates from these items, uncheck the setting at the bottom that says Automatically subscribe me to new activities on comments, posts and pages that I like.


Log in, click on the bell icon then click on Mark all as read.

You might no longer be interested in the new activities happening in your courses and classes after certain a period of time. These can be courses that you've already completed or classes that you are no longer actively facilitating. 

There are two ways to mute a class:

Step 1

Click on the bell (🔔) icon in the top bar to view your latest notifications. 


Step 2

Look for the notification which came from the class that you want to mute. Click on the Ellipse icon on that notification to access more actions. 

Step 3

Click on Mute this class. That will mute all notifications from that specific class, except when someone has replied or mentioned you in a comment, or when someone in the class has sent you a new chat message.

Alternatively, you can manage the classes that you want to mute via Notification Settings. 

Step 1

Click on the Bell (🔔) icon in the top bar and go to Manage Notifications to access your notification settings. 

Step 2

Click on the Mute Classes tab.

Step 3

Toggle the switch to ON if you wish to mute a particular class.

Step 4

You can also search for the course name to find a particular class under a course to mute. 



Customising course notification settings for different roles

How do email and platform notifications work?

5 replies

    • Matt_Wood
    • 1 yr ago
    • Reported - view

    This is a great improvement, however, I now have 100+ notifications after these changes and have no way to clear them without visiting each notification.

    The "Mark as Read" feature has disappeared. 

    Can this be added in or it be explained how to clear them?

      • KohLingPong
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Matt Wood agree, "View all notification" and "manage notification" is basically at the same page, much prefer the "Mark as Read" feature to come back

      • Customer Success & Onboarding Advocate
      • Diane_Luchavez
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Matt Wood KohLingPong Hi there, 

      Unfortunately, the "mark all as read" feature is no longer available at the moment. The notifications need to be read or opened to clear them. Would you mind posting it on our Suggest A Feature page to bring it back? (this will be visible to our product team who make the decisions on features for the platform). We are always looking to provide the best user experience here at OpenLearning and will gladly keep this suggestion in mind moving forward.

      Thank you! 

      • Customer Success & Onboarding Team Leader at OpenLearning
      • Alenka_Prezelj
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Matt Wood and KohLingPong great news,"Mark all as read" button is back. Please find it here:


    • Jessica_MILLS.1
    • 10 mths ago
    • Reported - view

    I have turned off all notifications, muted the classes but am still getting daily course digest updates. I don't want any emails from this platform at all and have wasted time trying to turn of notifications - but still get them. Just going to block this platform instead. How annoying.

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