How do I use the Survey widget?

 If you would like to create a survey for the learners who have just joined your institution before accessing any courses, you could use the Learner Survey Builder app.

Please note that this survey is per institution (or at the institution level) and not a course-specific survey. In addition, a learner is required to fill out this survey only once and not before each course that they have to take in an institution.

Widgets are the tools with which course administrators create and build the pages of their course.

The Survey widget can be used to get your learners' thoughts and opinions. The data can be exported for further analysis.

To access the Survey widget:

  1. Go to the page in your course where you'd like to add this widget.
  2. Select Edit mode.
  3. In the lefthand widget menu, choose Advanced and then click on the Survey widget icon (or you can hold and drag it wherever you'd like on the page).   

You will now see an example survey on your page:

 Note: You can remove the sample questions, create new ones, or continue editing the existing ones.

The survey can consist of multiple different sections that you can use to create a range of survey questions types.

Heading: Displayed at the top, the title of the survey.


Text to display: Additional text under the heading. This can be used for instructions and in some cases, the questions.

Text Input: A free entry text box. This is where the participants type in their answer to an open-ended survey question.


Text Input with Auto-complete: This allows the course administrator to enter suggestions so when the learner starts typing their answer, it provides an answer. The learner is not limited to the suggestions.

Learner's view:

Paragraph Input: Similar to Text Input, but with more options. 

Checkbox: A single checkbox feature, useful for asking users to agree to TOS and similar.


Choice Input (Radio Button): If you'd like your participants to choose one of the listed items.

Table of Selections: If you'd like your participants to choose one of the (editable) number of (editable) selections, for example varying from strongly agree to strongly disagree, or 1-5, etc. Normally you would use this in combination with Text to display.

Table of Answers: Allowing learners to enter answers in tables.

Custom Input Fields: To ask learners to enter custom information. (numbers, digits, text).

Completing activities on a page is how learners make progress and receive their certificates or complete the course.

As the course administrator, you can modify how each widget tracks this progress.

To do this, click on the Completion Settings tab on the widget and choose one of the following options:

No completion settings: This widget will not affect the learner's progress.

Completed when survey is submitted: This widget will count as completed as soon as the learner submits the survey.

In the lefthand navigation menu, go to Course Setup > Exports.

Click on New export.

Step 3

Under "What do you want to export" choose Surveys, then select the page the survey is on, and the class you'd like to export results for.

Under "Data Columns," tick or untick any extra data you'd like to be included with your survey results. (Post ID cannot be unticked)


Enter the name of your export and click Save.


Click on Back to Exports List link at the top of the page.


Click on Run Export to start the process.

Click Download to download the file to your computer.


  The file will be exported in .csv format.



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