Help Community Guidelines

OpenLearning's philosophy is centered around enabling meaningful and enjoyable learning communities. As such, we urge everyone to feel comfortable taking part in our Help Community to ask questions, share ideas and offer suggestions for others.

In order to ensure the most productive and peaceful atmosphere, we've set up some community guidelines. Please familiarise yourself with how to communicate with each other courteously and create the most beneficial and exciting atmosphere for us all to learn!

Be kind and encouraging

OpenLearning's help community is a place to ask and answer questions, have discussions and learn more about OpenLearning and course design. We expect all Help Community members to speak to each other kindly and respectfully. We're here to build each other up and help each other out!

Comments containing spam, rude or offensive language, or any content we deem inappropriate will be removed.

Keep it tidy

There is a place for everything in our threads! In order to keep things organised, it's best to post topics in the most relevant areas.

You may post related questions as comments within help articles.

However, if your question will derail the topic, it would be best to post it as a separate query in our Ask the Community section!

You can also email us at support@openlearning.com

If you have a course-specific query, you should contact your course administrator or one of your course facilitators. You can find more info here: Who do I contact when I have a course specific query?

The more organised our Help Community stays, the easier it will be for everyone to find exactly the help they need!


If you are an organisation and are looking to contact OpenLearning's team regarding partnership enquiries, please email us at contact@openlearning.com

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