How do I update Portfolio settings within my course?

Portfolios are a fantastic opportunity for learners to showcase their learning artefacts and achievements that truly reflect their skills, personal development and capabilities for prospective employers.

As a course creator, they are also a valuable way to empower learners to showcase their higher-order thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity beyond the course itself.

If Portfolios have been enabled by your institution, you can customise the Portfolio settings further per class, by following these steps:

Step 1

Go to Course Setup > General

Step 2

Select whether learning artefacts should be added to a learners' Portfolio:

  • Immediately after posting

  • Never added automatically

  • Yes, after a certain date

If you set a date to release the Portfolio, learners can see their Portfolio items when they visit their Portfolio on their profile page, however it won't be publicly viewable until after the release date.

How can I change the default Portfolio Settings for a specific share widget?

The Portfolio Settings you set up in Course Setup > General are for course-level default settings. You can customise the Portfolio settings for specific share widgets.


To change the default Portfolio setting for a specific share widget:

Step 1

Go to the widget you would like to customise the Portfolio setting for and select Share Settings

Step 2

Select or deselect the option: Automatically add posts made from this widget to a learner's Portfolio*

Learners can decide whether their artefact is shared or hidden from their Portfolio by editing the setting on their artefact once shared in the Gallery:

Learners can see and further customise their Portfolio on their profile page:


  • Find out more about how learners can customise their Portfolio here.
  • Find out more about institution-level Portfolio Settings here.

Portfolios will be enabled in most courses and institutions by late January 2019. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding Portfolios for your institution.

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  • If the course creator has turned the course offline, will the learning artefacts still show up in students' Portfolios?

    • Nasha M Hi Nasha! The learning artefacts will still show up in students' Portfolio even if the course is offline.

    • Kate Trinh Same goes for Closed classes?

  • Is there a way to turn off the portfolio feature altogether?

    • The FUSE Cup Hi there! The portfolio is a feature that appears on each student's profile page. Therefore it can't be turned off or changed by any course admin as it isn't part of the course.

      However, by choosing the "No, never added automatically" option in your own course settings, you can choose for student posts made in your course not to appear in their portfolios.

  • How can we delete certain class created in our course?

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