How do I set up pre-enrolment questions for my course?

 If you would like to create a survey for the learners who have just joined your institution before accessing any courses, you could use the Learner Survey Builder app.

Please note that this survey is per institution (or at the institution level) and not a course-specific survey. In addition, a learner is required to fill out this survey only once and not before each course that they have to take in an institution.

Pre-enrolment questions allow you to gather additional information from your learners before they begin the course. 

Pre-enrolment questions might be used for capturing:

  • Demographic information
  • Contact details
  • Reasons for enrolling
  • etc

If pre-enrolment questions are set as being "required", learners can't begin the course until the questions have been answered.

Pre-enrolment questions are set up per class.

Go to Administer Learners > Advanced

At the top, there is a section titled "Questions to ask learners before they enrol"

Type a question you wish to ask the learners into the box

Select Type of answer format you'd like to use from the drop-down menu on the right

Choose "text" to allow learners to type in their answer. To create choices for learners to pick from, select "options"

Type in each choice and click enter

If the learner is required to answer this question, be sure to tick the box in the "required" column. If answering is not mandatory, leave this box un-ticked

If you would like to allow learners to edit their responses to the question, tick the box in the "editable" column. If not, leave this box un-ticked.

Once you're happy with the question, click the orange Add button on the far right to save it. You may then continue to add even more questions.

It's important to note that questions cannot be re-ordered and will appear only in the order that they were created.


If you set up required pre-enrolment questions after you have already had learners enrol, existing learners will be prompted to answer the questions the next time they access the course.


To export your pre-enrolment question data, go to Course Setup > Exports.

Click on New Export.

Under "What do you want to export" toggle to Learner Data. And underneath that, choose which class's data you would like to export.


All the way at the bottom of the data columns section, tick the box next to "In addition to the columns you currently see on the list, you can choose to include some additional fields."

*This step is very important as the export will not include the pre-enrolment questions if this box is not ticked.

Now name your export. Don't forget to make sure the button at the bottom right says "Saved". If it doesn't, click it in order to save your export.


Step 6

At the top of the page, click on Back to Exports List.



Step 7

Next to your new export, click Run Export.



Step 8

Once the green bar has fully loaded, click on Download.


Step 9

Open your new Export from your computer's download folder. It should look like this:

Pre-enrolment questions cannot be edited once created; they must instead be deleted and new ones created. If you need to edit your pre-enrolment questions via the delete and recreate method, follow the steps below to make sure you don't lose any existing data.

Export the current pre-enrolment questions and responses outlined above in 2.

Delete the old pre-enrolment questions and add your new ones in Administer Learners > Advanced.

In Administer Learners > Learners, new learners' responses will be recorded for the new questions.



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