1. What is a Qualification?

Guide: Qualifications

1. What is a Qualification?

2. How do I set up a Qualification?

3. How do I set up a Qualification landing page?

4. How do I enrol learners in a Qualification?

5. Qualifications FAQ

What is a Qualification?

The ‘Qualifications’ is a feature in OpenLearning that allows you to combine multiple courses into a single package where you can have both the Core (required) courses and Elective (optional) courses. Please note that the title is customisable, eg qualification, program, degree, certificate, etc.

Qualification Type

There are currently 4 types of qualifications you can set up:

  • Certificates
  • Diploma 
  • Undergraduate Degrees
  • Postgraduate Degrees

What can I set in a qualification?

For each qualification, you can initially set up the following:

  • Qualification Type
  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Path (which is the URL for the Qualification’s own landing page).


Each qualification has its own landing page, similar to a course landing page:


You can then set the rest of the following configurable options that are displayed on the qualification landing page.

  • Key Information:
    • Code 
    • Study Mode
    • Version
    • Study Style
    • Certified by
    • Time Estimate Text
    • Recognised by

  • Pricing model:
    • Free
    • Free to learn
    • Pay to certify
    • Pay to enrol


  • Courses:
    • Core [required] Courses
    • Elective [optional] Courses
    • Number of electives to be completed


  • Advanced:
    • External Enrolment URL
    • Hidden - to hide this qualification from being displayed on the portal landing page.


 Currently, for the paid qualifications we support external enrolment only.


What can I use Qualifications for?

  • Group or combine several courses together where you can add more details that are applicable.
  • You can accept payment(s) externally for all courses in the qualification so learners won’t have to manually enrol and pay for each course one by one. Note: this requires external enrolment to be set up and enrolments will be done either by:
    • Manually through the Administer Learners > Learners setting page;
    • Set up the integration via API or LTI and add them to your course.
  • An option to categorize courses but with more details (instead of using the categories feature in the Institution portal that only gives you the option to set a title and a blurb/description).

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