5. Qualifications FAQ

Guide: Qualifications

1. What is a Qualification?

2. How do I set up a Qualification?

3. How do I set up a Qualification landing page?

4. How do I enrol learners in a Qualification?

5. Qualifications FAQ


  • To group a number of courses that are independent of each other.
  • Can only set the title and blurb/description of the category.


  • To group a number of courses that are dependent on each other and upon completion, the learner will be able to obtain a Certificates, Diploma, Undergraduate or Postgraduate qualification.
  • Can set more details, for further information please refer to the What is a qualification article.
  • Whenever there is a need to group or combine several courses together and provide more details on this grouping.
  • A need to accept only one payment externally for all courses in the qualification so learners won’t have to manually enrol and pay for each course one by one. 

There are plenty of other details that can be set in a qualification. For example, you could set the qualification Code, Study Mode, Version, Study Style, Certified by, Time Estimate Text, etc. For further details please refer to the How do I set up a qualification article.

On the qualification landing page, you can also set the qualification selling points and testimonials. For further details please refer to the How do I set up a qualification landing page article.

Currently, the course provider can not enrol the learner in a qualification, the learner must join the qualification directly. Therefore, you can only send the qualification landing page link to the learners.

The qualification will also appear on your institution’s landing page, therefore, the learner can locate the qualification from your portal and then join it directly.

There is no user-based method to unenrol a learner from a qualification at the moment. However, you can contact us via support@openlearning.com and the OpenLearning Customer Success team will unenrol the learner for you.

Price can be set in the qualification, however, the qualifications feature only supports external enrolment at the moment which means payment will have to be made outside of OpenLearning, and enrolment to each course that is part of the qualification be done either by:

  • If your subscription includes Accredible:

How do I set up a certificate that will be issued for a bundle of two (or more) courses?

  • If you are using OpenLearning PDF certificate:

You could set the certification on the last course in the qualification and set the other courses as course prerequisites for this last course by referring to the How do I set up a prerequisite course article. 

Please mention the completion flow and the last course name on the qualification landing page so the learners are well-informed on which course will issue the qualification certificate for them. 

Note: When using this method, the last course name is the one that will be displayed on the certificate. Therefore, please ensure that the last course has the name that you would like to be displayed on the learner's certificate for this qualification.



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