How to set up Accredible credentials in your institution portal

OpenLearning now supports integration with Accredible, a comprehensive badge and certification service. Accredible is available for some institutions and custom subscription plans, you can contact us to find out more. 

To set up Accredible to be used for your courses, you will need to set it up at your institution. You will need to have access as an Institution admin and create an Accredible account through the institution portal. 

Go to Institution Settings Institution MarketingDigital Credentials.

Click on the Create Accredible account button.


Follow the steps in the 'What do you need to do next?' section.


This is what the invitation email looks like:


And what the set password box looks like:


Once you're set up, you can start creating and updating your Accredible credential design.

On the Accredible dashboard, click on Designs at the top navigation.

Pick between creating a Badge Design or a Certificate Design.


You can learn more about creating a certificate here

You can learn more about creating a badge here.

Attributes enable the display of dynamic information on certificates, allowing course administrators to add their signature, name, and position to the certificate of their respective courses.

Under Designs > Create Badge Design or Create Certificate Design, navigate to the Attributes tab in the left-hand sidebar menu.

From there, you can choose the specific information from your course details that you want to display on your certificate design.

There are multiple pre-made attributes available for use in your certificate designs. These options consist of your institution name, institution logo, teacher name, teacher position, teacher signature, and more.

If you cannot find an attribute for a specific piece of information that you want to include in your credentials, such as a tutor's name or an exam score, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the attribute list and click on Manage Attributes.


Choose the placement of your certificate, and it will show up according to the credentials set up for your course in OpenLearning.

Please be aware that custom attributes starting with the 'OpenCreds' prefix, such as OpenCreds classification, OpenCreds education sector, and OpenCreds hours of learning, will be empty for courses that are not OpenCreds courses.

You are halfway there, all you need to do now is to choose the Accredible certificate and/or badge design for your individual courses. You can learn more about it here



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