2. How do I set up a Qualification?

Guide: Qualifications

1. What is a Qualification?

2. How do I set up a Qualification?

3. How do I set up a Qualification landing page?

4. How do I enrol learners in a Qualification?

5. Qualifications FAQ

There are 2 parts to setting up a qualification:

  1. the qualification; and
  2. the qualification landing page.

You should set up the qualification before creating the qualification landing page.

Note: If your qualification will be listed in our Marketplace, the Qualification thumbnail will be displayed there.

Step 1

Go to Institution Settings > Qualifications.

Step 2

Click Add Qualification.

Step 3

Select the qualification type. Qualification type options are:

  • Certificates
  • Diploma
  • Undergraduate degrees
  • Postgraduate degrees
  • Doctorate

Step 4

Fill in the qualification title (mandatory) and the path (mandatory), then click on create button.

Once the path is created, it is fixed and can’t be changed anymore.

Step 5

Add in the details of your qualification (Version and Code fields can be left blank if they are not relevant).

Step 6

Add core and/or elective courses from your institution portal to the qualification.

Step 7

Add an External Enrolment URL if:

  • It is a paid qualification.
  • One or more of the courses on the qualifications are private. 

You could manually enrol learners by referring to this process if you are going to use external enrolment.

Currently, users must sign up for the qualification externally. Once you have finalised their enrolment and determined the courses they are to enrol in, you can enrol them in the portal and courses via the steps here.

For paid qualifications, your external enrolment URL could be your external payment gateway URL or the checkout page within your website for this qualification that is already integrated with your own payment gateway.

Step 8

Click Save.


Repeat Steps 1-7 for any additional qualifications you would like to set up.


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