How do I set up and edit classes?


A class refers to a cohort of learners that go through a course together.

All learner-generated content such as comments, posts, and group pages are only visible inside the class where they were generated.

For example, learners in Class of 2017 cannot see any of the comments or posts from learners in Class of 2018.

Note that the course content, such as the modules and course pages, is shared across classes. This means when you make changes to the course content the changes will be visible to all classes.

Any learner can join this class through the course landing page. With the latest update, multiple public classes can now be set up and open for enrolment at a time.

By default, each course comes with a featured public class. You can edit this class, and create as many other public and private classes as you need. Creating more public classes won’t affect your existing featured class.

Note: The status of the featured public class will be displayed on the course tile if the course is listed in the OpenLearning marketplace.

Only learners with an access code can join through the course landing page.
You need to distribute the code to learners.

The course admin or facilitator must enrol learners via their email addresses or username, and only these enrolled learners can access the course.


You now can run multiple Public and Private classes at the same time.

Learn more about multiple classes.

You can set up classes to charge a fee upon enrolment. 

Learn more about setting up paid classes


You can set up a range of dates to control access to your class material.

  • Start date
  • Closed for enrolment date
  • End date

Learn more about setting up access times

To create a new class: 

Go to Course Setup > General and scroll down to the Classes section.

Click Create a New Class.

  • Input the Class Name
  • Select Enrolment Type
  • Select Enrolment Fee options

Click Create.

For more class settings and administrative options, click on the class name in the table.


  • You should only create an additional class if there is a need for it. If you only need one class with a specific name or settings, you can edit the existing class.

Some use cases for multiple classes are:

- paid classes with various currencies
- classes with different start dates
- classes with learners from different organisations.

  • Please make sure that multiple public classes are named correctly as to not confuse learners when joining the course from the landing page, e.g the name could reflect the start date, semester, etc.


Go to Course Setup > General and scroll down to the Classes section.

Click Edit. 

This will bring up the edit modal where you can make changes to your class settings.

If you are running a course with several classes, you might need to switch from one class to another to check on your learners, post some feedback, etc. Here's how to do that:

  • Directly below the course banner, find your mini profile picture, role, and class.
  • Click on the current class name
  • Click on the class you want to access via the dropdown menu.

  • Go to Course Setup > General  
  • Scroll down to Classes in Your Course 
  • Click on the class name of the class you would like to access.  

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  • How do I merge two classes together?

    Or, how can I have students from one type of enrolment join the class from another type of enrolment?

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  • How do I delete the class that had been created?


      You cannot delete a class, however, you can close enrolments for the class via Administer Learners > Timeline and entering an Enrolment Close Date or Close date.

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