Can I create multiple classes in my course?

Yes! Sometimes you might need multiple classes in your course to serve different groups of learners. 

You might want to have multiple classes if you want to:

  • set up Open Public classes in different currencies
  • set up multiple intakes that are divided by semesters
  • scheduled free public courses
  • setup classes that have a limited number of enrolments allowed using the ‘Limit Enrolment Numbers’ field
  • paid class for general public and free class for internal team, etc

To learn how to create additional classes, please refer to How to create a new class.

Does each class have its own landing page?

No, only one course landing page can be used for all of your classes, and learners can select the relevant class to join from there.

To join a class, a learner would follow these steps:

Step 1

Click Join now on the course landing page.

 Step 2

Choose the class of their preference:

  Please make sure that multiple public classes are named correctly so as not to confuse learners when joining the course from the landing page, e.g the name could reflect the start date, semester, etc. 

Step 3

Based on the type of class, they either would be allowed straight in (public & free class), asked to pay (paid class) or enter the access code. (private class)

Paid class:

Public free class:  

Private - access code required class:

Private - Manual enrolment class

Learners won't see the landing page for a manual enrolment class - as they have been invited/enrolled directly into the class.

 Please note that any changes to the content of the course (i.e adding new widgets, editing text content etc) will be carried across all the classes. For more information please refer to:





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