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What are widgets and how do I use them?

Quizzes on OpenLearning can support  a range of assessment requirements.

However, they are predominantly designed to be used for reflection and self-check purposes. 


You can construct a quiz by combining a variety of widgets.

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Single-selection radio-button and multiple-selection check-box answers.

How do I use the Multiple choice widget?



Allows for short answer input with the ability to auto-mark against given criteria.

How do I use the Short answer widget?



Asks learners to fill in missing words or phrases.

How do I use the Fill in the blanks widget?



Asks learners to match answers.

How do I use the Match it widget?



Allows learners to categorise words into different columns.

How do I use the Categorise widget?



Allows learners to fill in a crossword puzzle based on clues 

How do I use the Crossword widget?



A submit button that can be placed at the end of the page.

When clicked by a learner, it will process the correctness of all compatible Question widgets on the page.

How do I use the Submit button widget?


You can add rich media and complex formatting to quiz questions by using content widgets.

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