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What are widgets and how do I use them?


 Most widgets in this section are somewhat experimental or bespoke in nature. Be aware that these widgets may undergo major changes at any time.



Allows course administrators to display some formatted code. 

How do I use the Code snippet widget?



Throughout the course, the learners are able to do activities and interact with their entire class. However, some activities may work better in smaller or more controlled groups.

The Group activity page widget allows a course administrator to narrow the interaction space from a whole class to a particular group. It is a powerful feature but may take some time and effort to set up.

How do I use the Group activity page widget?

Learn more about setting up group activity pages


Post link widget


The Post link widget allows learners to post links which are then displayed in the Gallery.

How do I use the Post link widget? 


Post page widget


The Post page widget allows learners to make a post containing an OpenLearning page. The learners can create a new OpenLearning page, or select an existing page.

How do I use the Post page widget?



It allows learners to post any type of response including text, image, file, audio, or video.

How do I use the Share anything widget?



The Survey Widget is a great tool for getting the learners thoughts and opinions and collecting analytical data for a course.

How do I use the Survey widget?

How do I set up a survey and export the results?



Allows a course administrator to embed a particular Twitter post.

How do I use the Twitter widget?



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