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What are widgets and how do I use them?

Content widgets allow you to add information, media, and resources to your course. These may be useful for presenting information and providing stimulus for discussions or constructive activities. 

For a general guide on how to create course content: View this topic



Using this widget, you can add text, imagestablesembed videos, and iframes. 

You can format your text using a big range of tools and features.

How do I use the Text widget?  


 Tip: Support your text with images, icons, bullet points and break your text into easy-flowing paragraphs for better readability!



This widget is for adding creating extra vertical space on your page. It is useful for breaking up information and formatting for better readability.

How do I use the White space widget?



Upload the video or add your video URL to your course page. You can also add a custom poster image (optional).

How do I use the Video widget?


  Tip:  OpenLearning's Video widget supports YouTube and Vimeo.

Supported video file formats: mp4, mov, avi, and wmv. 

           Maximum video upload size: 5GB



The Accessible video widget allows for people with disabilities to access information like anyone else, without needing to identify their disability to others and request for special assistance.

How do I use the Accessible video widget?



You can add images, PPT, or PDF files on the page. These can be viewed and/or downloaded by course participants.

How do I use the File widget?


 Tip: Add multiple image files using this widget if you need a quick slideshow function!



The Audio widget can be used to add sound clips, audio lectures, music, and more to your OpenLearning course allowing for a deeper and more accessible learning experience.

How do I use the Audio widget?

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  • what's differences between content accessible video with content video?

    • Achmad Vandian Nur Accessible video allows you to have more options, mainly captioning. This feature is coming to OL soon, so stay tuned! :)

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