Create an option for us to hide the following: ‘You like this Unlike’, ‘Subscribed’, ‘History’, ‘Sub-Pages’


I refer to the attached figure 'Figure A'.

Please create an option for us to hide the area pointed by the 4 red arrows. I am referring to:

 ‘You like this Unlike’, ‘Subscribed’, ‘History’, ‘Sub-Pages’



There is no need for my customers to manage subscriptions or anything else other than view the videos on the Openlearning platform (mine is a simple set up).

For example, if you click on 'History', you have another menu appearing which contains information that is totally irrelevant to my customers. These sort of things will create more work for me as my customers (some of them I am sure) will ask me questions about it/ or the purpose of it. So it would be good if you can create an option for us to hide it.




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