Making the Insert Image function for course admins more efficient and effective

I have three problems with the current Insert Image interface and functionality when building content in the LMS:

1.  The window that opens for selecting an image can’t be resized, so I can only see a small number of the image icons that are in the ‘course images’ tab.  This makes it very difficult to locate and select the required image.

2.  Not all the images provide a preview — many are just a generic icon saying ‘PNG’ or ‘JPG’, so I can’t readily locate the particular image I want to re-use.  Again, it wastes a lot of my time trying to locate the specific image I want when I am 'poking a stick in the dark'.

3.  There are some images in ‘course images’ that I no longer use and these are ‘cluttering up’ my view.  For example, I uploaded an image but then decided it wasn’t quite right, so I would like to remove it.  If I could remove these unwanted images, there would be fewer images to me to have to trawl through to get the one I want to re-use.

These three issues are proving to be super frustrating and time-wasting.  I would really like to have these problems addressed to make this interface more effective for course admins please.


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