What is a learner's progress page?

The progress page shows the module sets and/or modules, pages, and activities in the course a learner has to complete in order to reach 100% completion.

Within the course, click the Your Progress button located on the top-right side. It will bring you to your progress page where you can see your overall course progress and activity progress.

 If you are a course admin/course facilitator, it is your own progress that will be shown and not any of the learners'.

 If you need to view a learner's progress, go to Administer Learners > Learners, search for the learner's name/email address, and then click on the percentage.


The pie chart in this section shows the current overall progress in the course.

A link to your profile page and blog page is seen here.

You can view the descriptions of what is intended to be learned by the end of the course.

If there is an assessment in the course, the status of your assessment will be displayed here.

Upon course completion, your certificate can either be issued automatically or manually by the course administrator. Once you have completed the course, the status of your certificate is indicated here.

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 Please note that this section doesn't appear when your course doesn't offer a certificate. Have a look at this guide on how to check if there is a certificate available for the course you are interested in/enrolled in.

Each page has its own progress pie chart that indicates whether or not all activities on that page have been completed.

As shown in the screenshot, if some activity has been done, the pie chart will indicate the number of finished and unfinished activities on a page.

To achieve 100% course completion, it is imperative to finish all the required activities.

 Guide: How do I gain 100% completion in a course?

The percentage shown in the screenshot below indicates the current overall course progress. All currently open pages and modules can be counted towards the learner's progress. All currently closed pages and modules are excluded from the calculation. 

If you are a course admin/course facilitator, make sure to check the page settings, the completion settings of the widgets, and see if the Counts Towards Progress option on each page is set up accordingly to the course's needs.

Please note that only fully completed pages count towards the percentage of your progress.

E.g. In a course with 5 open pages - if your progress is 4/5,2/3, 2/2, 3/4, 1/5, your current overall progress will be at 20% as you have only fully completed one page.

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    course tidak bisa penuh padahal video sudah di play berkali-kali. jika seperti ini bagaimana? mohon untuk bantuannya 

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      ATIK TRI WAHYUNI Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out! I am sorry you are experiencing issues with completing the course. I kindly ask you to share a course link with us, we are happy to help you with this. You can also contact us through email: support@openlearning.com

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