Copying components from one course to another

Hi any suggestions/hints/ tips for the following?

Scenario... sometimes working with multiple designers/ contributors - we might build alternative design suggestions for a page/learning activity in our sandbox site instead of in the course site- until  discussion and feedback from  multiple co- designers/subject matter experts et al and then want to replicate each component we've built  in  our sandbox site into another course site.

Question: Is there a way to copy elements from one course to another? 



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  • Hi Lenni! Yes, it is possible to copy pages. Here are the instructions on how to do that. Is this what you had in mind?

    • Alenka Prezelj thank you that information on copying whole pages from one course to another is very helpful . Was thinking more along the lines of copying elements/blocks from one page to another,  within or across courses. So for example:
      Scenario 1: 
      Course A: Page 1 - someone suggests an alternative idea for a learning activity  that is already built in Course A: Page 1...As a design team we  are not yet sure if the alternative is better  or we need to show how the alternative might work/ sit within the context of learning before we commit to it and change what already in course A: Page we might build a prototype of alternative activity in our Sandbox... so Course B: Page 1  for design brainstorm/meeting/discussion-and if SME and learning design team, then decide yes this alternative activity is better re: scaffold/alignment with learning outcomes etc . ...we then  want to be able to then  copy that now refined element/ block from our Sandpit - Course B: Page 1 to Course A: Page 1... so not the whole page just a block/element. 

      Scenario 2: There is a block/element in Course A : Page 1 that really should be on Page 4 instead- how can we easily move the block/element without recreating it on Page 4?


      Any tips? 



    • Lenni Morkel-Kingsbury Hi Lenni! I'm not sure if it's possible to move widgets from one page to another, but I'm sure we can find a workaround for you. Let me have a quick chat with our LD team and get back to you.

    • Alenka Prezelj Apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately, it's not possible to move widgets.

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