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How can I create a course that is still offline?

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  • Sorry, I mean delete

  • Hi  Irene Tan , to delete a course, you can do so by turning your course as offline. Course Setup > General. It will effectively delete your course. In this case your course already Offline, therefore student or anyone cannot go in.

    Do let us know if you have other question. :)

  • That is true, nobody can access the course, but the course is still visible under the name of its creator and I would like it to disappear from the list of my courses - how to do it? Thanks for your help!


  • Alenka Prezelj thanks :-)  I've just spotted that and used it! I have another question though, is there any way to make someone else the creator of the course, so that it is displayed under their name, not mine? 

    • Ania Skowron Hi Ania, yes, I can change the course creator for you. Just post a link to the course and the username or e-address of the other person. You can e-mail that to if you prefer!

    • Alenka Prezelj that's fantastic news :-) I will definitely do that. Is it also possible to change the creator (of the content) in the course, so it's the same with the new author - I want my name to disappear completely from the course.

    • Ania Skowron Do you mean the last person who edited the pages?

    • Alenka Prezelj Yes.

    • Ania Skowron We do have a feature that does that (it has to be done from our end, as changing the course creator) I think we are currently having some issues with that feature, but when you send the info, I can try and then we can go from there, and troubleshoot if necessary.

    • Alenka Prezelj thank you again for your help. I have just sent an email to  with all the information you asked about. Again, thank you so much for your support.

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