TAO (LTI Provider Setup)

1. Ensure that TAO is configured for LTI as per https://www.taotesting.com/user-guide/users/using-lti-for-assessments/lti-consumers/

You will need to verify that the ltiDeliveryProvider is installed, instructions for accessing and installing an extension can be found on the Extensions Manager page.

To manage LTI Consumers, hover over the cogs  icon in the Assessment Builder Bar and select LTI Consumers.

Select the LTI Consumer class (folder), and click on Add Consumer. Name (label) the new consumer, and fill in an easy-to-remember consumer key and consumer secret (this is used during integration).

Note: The consumer key and consumer secret must contain only alphabetical and numeric characters.

The callback URL can be left blank. Finally, click on Create. If the consumer does not immediately appear, reload the page and it should come up. Record the URL of the page – this is your Tool Base URL.


2. In another browser tab, log in to OpenLearning and navigate to your Institution. Under Institution Settings > Integrations click "+ Add LTI tool provider".

Enter a name such as "TAO" as the tool provider name. 

Next enter the Tool URL which will be the URL of your TAO installation with:


added to the end.

 (If you don’t know the URL of your TAO installation, return to the TAO back office home, and copy the URL, removing tao/Main/index from the end. For example, if your TAO home is http://<hostname or IP>/tao/tao/Main/index , then your root URL would be http://<hostname or IP>/tao/ .)

Last, enter the Consumer Key (OAuth Consumer Key) and Shared Secret (OAuth Consumer Secret)  which you used in TAO.

  • Select "In a new browser window" under Launch settings, and also
  • Select "Personal Email Address" under Email Settings, if you wish to send learner's real email addresses through to the TAO assessment system.

Save these changes.

3. You can now add "TAO" as a widget to any course page within this institution. When editing a course page, select "Integration" from the widget dropdown, and find the TAO widget under the "LTI Tools" heading.



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