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I asked a question recently about the list of courses that appears when you select Manage my Enrollments.  I was told the platform hasn't changed, but when I started using Open learning, a few years ago, I was sure that I could click on my profile and see my current enrollments.  I can't do that now, and so I don't actually know which courses I have signed up for.  All course in the list have the option of 'Leave class', classes I have never joined.  When I select the option to hide a certain course, it is always there the next time.  Sometimes a course is in the list twice, one with a notification of a certificate and the other one sitting ready to do again. 

So, my suggested feature is to either improve the My Enrollments page or to create a new page that has our existing enrollments.

I wait patiently for this improvement.  I love using Open Learning for my online training and think that this is an important improvement as it will help us learners stay organised and not enroll in too many courses at once.

Kind regards


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  • Hi Melissa, we're very happy to hear that you are enjoying OpenLearning. The platform has indeed changed, with some major changes in the last two years in particular. We're always trying to improve our features, so we're very glad when we get feedback from our users! 
    To answer your question, yes, Manage my enrolments is where you see which courses you are currently enrolled in. 

    The "Leave class" button is there in case you decide the course is not for you, and you would like to leave it. You mentioned there are some courses you seem not to be able to leave... hmmm... strange. Can you name those so I can take a closer look?

    Can you also let me know which courses are listed twice?

    Another way of seeing which courses you have joined is on your profile page.


    If you click on Communities, you will see the courses you have joined.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Hi Alenka

    Thanks for your reply.  My 'manage my enrollments' page shows all the courses available to me it should only show the ones I am actually enrolled in.  I spend too much time scrolling through looking for my current course.  It makes it confusing.  Also, I find it counterproductive going through all the courses and unchecking the ones I don't want to see or to leave the class.

    As I scroll through the course list, I pass courses a-z and then twelve of them repeat.  Some let me know if I have a certificate.

    I have located the courses I have joined and I expect that list only shows courses that I have joined not those that I have completed.  Those courses are listed under Credentials :)  .  So, is it possible to get the certificates to be displayed as 'thumbnails', or like the way the 'courses joined' looks.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Kind regards


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